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Small Cloth Dyeing Machine

– Suitable Fabrics: Phony cotton, synthesis of cotton,knitted fabric and etc.

– Fast bath turnover rate: The circulation pump provides high flow rate to sustain the high fabric speed.

– Long Kier: The fabric spreads over the whole length of the kier so that the fabric is not subject to high stack loading, thus reducing the formation of crease mark.

– Sloped kier: It assists the smooth forward movement of fabric.

– Upward sloped front kier: It helps lift up the fabric rope from the pile.

– Reversing nozzle: When tangling occurs, the reversing nozzle ejects the fabric rope back into the kier to dismantle the tangling automatically.

– Conveyance tube: Fabric rope immerses in the conveyance tube to complete the syestuff exchange for evenness.

–  Rear taper section: Slows down the liquid and fabric speed after entering into the kier thereby reduces fabric tangling.

– Seam detector (Optional): Speeds up locating the fabric seam for unloading Fabric tangling alarm device.