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dyeing process of textile dyeing machine

100% cotton knitted fabric can be dyed / are coloured with following types of dyes , :
–       Reactive  Dyes
–       Direct  Dyes
–       Sulphuric Dyes
–       Vat  Dyes
–       Pigment Dyes
Among some of the above dyes , reactive dye is most applied at 100% cotton fabric good in the form of knitted fabric or woven fabric .

High Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine

Reactive dye are applied for following reasons :

1. Simple dyeing process.
2. Choice of more colours available
3. Good colour resilience

Based on its reactivity , reactive dye are divided into 2 types, that is :
1. Hot reactive dyes
Reactive dyes which  have low reactivity
2. Cool reactive dyes
Reactive dyes which  have high reactivity

Reactive Dyes are applied to for following reasons :
–  Good dye condensation
–  Good colour resilience
–  Dyeing at hot temperature so that penetrating of dye into fibre is better
–  Have good levelness of dyeing result
–  Have choice of complete colour
–  Easier process control
–  Very suited for mercerized cotton cloth
–  Generally resistant to process “  post  bleach ”

In principle process of dyeing 100% cotton knitted fabric with reactive dye is with circulation  material textile with dye solution and some auxiliaries, with certain concentration , certain time and certain temperature applies of dyeing machine.

Rapid Jet Dyeing Machine