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High speed rotating and structure principle of drum dehydrator

Drum dehydrator machine in the process of production is mainly made of stainless steel material quality is made, the equipment excellent performance and stable operation, drum type dewatering machine dewatering rate is high, the main parts of the equipment is liner, liner cloth around the holes will be dehydrated, the material will be put in the tank.
Motor roller type dewatering machine can be driven by a belt of high speed rotating liner, when in use due to large centrifugal force, the water will pass through the hole of the liner on the left out, and then be collected after the reunification of discharge.

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The effect of drum type dryer for drying effect two minutes to about twenty minutes of work and drying machine of the same, so a save time and energy it is of wet material first dehydration operation off the water after drying operations.
Drum dehydrator machine needs effective the absorbent strength of different fabrics require separate dehydration in use, dewatering machine newly installed under normal circumstances or new wires, in use process must ensure that the correct direction of motor rotation.
The main body of the drum type dewatering machine is a filtering device formed by the combination of a fixed ring and a moving ring, wherein the front section is a condensing part, and the back part is a dewatering part. The slot between the fixed ring and the traveling ring and the pitch of the spiral shaft gradually decrease from the condensing part to the dewatering part