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Loose fiber hydroextractor user instruction and advantages

Operating instructions for bulk fiber dehydrator:

1, Textiles shall be loaded evenly into the machine basket, and pay attention to balance, not overload.

2, Start the motor about 90 seconds, the machine to normal operating speed, the outlet pipe began to flow out of the washing liquid.

3, The machine running for about 8-10 minutes, the outlet pipe basically no washing fluid outflow, you can cut off the power supply, over 1-2 minutes, a few times slowly brake open and close the brake, the machine stops.


The structural characteristics of bulk fiber dehydrator

1, The bulk fiber dewatering machine is a three foot suspension swing structure, can effectively reduce the load balance due to the hub in the operation of the vibration of the foundation.

2, The shell is made of stainless steel or steel material, the hub is made of stainless steel plate, cage base, chassis are cast iron material, the outlet pipe under the chassis.

3, The spindle is made of high quality steel after heat treatment.

4, The transmission part of the use of triangle belt drive, direct drive by the motor centrifugal starting wheel, the machine can start slowly, gradually achieve the design speed, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.

5, The machine has a brake open and close arm, good braking performance, the machine can quickly stop.