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The advantages and running temperature of Fabric dyeing machine

The cloth dyeing machine in the process of making the use of stainless steel, the mechanical speed has the advantages of no noise and convenient speed, in the use of the process is very suitable for silk, silk, rayon, cotton, linen, rayon cloth etc..
Cloth dyeing machine blade direction mixing dye, this causes the dye dye into a floating state, this will make the stain uniform and strong penetration, is not easy to damage the fabric in use, dyeing machine for wool sweater, acrylic and cotton sweater and garment dyeing, bleaching, scouring and washing process.
Fabric Dyeing Machine  can be used for bleaching and dyeing socks, gloves, towels and other products in the process of using dyeing equipment to adapt to a wide range of products the ideal of such equipment, this machine automatically set the reverse circulation stirring fabric, a small garment dyeing machine can dye three color samples.
Cloth dyeing machine is the textile industry there is more extensive, in the process of operation is mainly used for dyeing a device, in order to effectively use the effect to ensure the equipment after, you need regular maintenance in the use process, only after the maintenance can be improved the flexibility of dyeing machine.

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Knit fabric dyeing machine

Long time need to use cloth dyeing to clean the bearings, after using the device for a long time will cause the stains and dust, clean before they can reduce the operating temperature, this will make the wear is reduced, clean up after the completion of the need to add lubricating oil.