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Water regulation and anti cavitation ability of yarn dyeing machine

The yarn dyeing machine in the process of using mainly suitable for polyester, polyester, nylon, wool wheel, polyester cotton, cotton, acrylic yarn dyed fabric, yarn dyeing machine in use with various types of yarn will be effective, can be dyed different yarn, such as yarn, warp yarn, yarn and wool powder etc..

Yarn dyeing machine in the use of the most suitable for single strand spinning, silk, silk, mercerized cotton yarn, fancy yarn, rayon fabric dyeing, bleaching, refining and washing and postprocessing, low energy consumption, large flow pump of the special equipment will be used in special equipment.

The yarn dyeing machine can effectively improve the pump cavitation resistance, effectively solve the traditional type of machine in high temperature and low water content influence the dyeing quality, dyeing tube and turns the gauze shifting tube as a whole, the dyed fabric is absolutely no winding or knotting phenomenon, dyed rewinding is easy, low loss rate.

Package Yarn Dyeing Machine

Cone dyeing machine

Yarn dyeing machine adopts the design of effective water regulator special visual and yarn yarn count, number of different types of equipment, can adjust the size of any water in the process of operation, this machine will go through the structure optimization, saving the raw materials used in the process, effectively reduce the cost.

Yarn dyeing machine and all parts in contact with liquid, high corrosion resistant stainless steel when in use will use the imported stainless steel manufacturing, circulating pump with mechanical seal device. Strong and reliable cylinder head, pneumatic cylinder or counterweight opening and closing device and cylinder head safety interlocking mechanism