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What about the application effect of eco-friendly air jet dyeing machine?

In fact, the concept of air flow dyeing machine has been proposed early, and initially considered to use the air to replace the jet dyeing machine which uses the liquid flow to convey fabric. After many years of experiments, it can be seen that the jet dyeing machine with air flow conveying fabric has many advantages, such as high speed, mild and small bath ratio, so the equipment has obvious advantages in the processing of light and compact microfiber fabric.
Especially when dealing with some sanded clothes, the superiority of this jet dyeing machine is obvious. According to its working principle, the equipment specially uses the principle of air dynamics to inject the high speed air flow generated by the high pressure blower into the nozzle, and the other pipeline injects the dye liquor into the nozzle, so that the dye liquor meets with the high speed air flow in the nozzle and sprays to the fabric uniformly after mixing.
In this way, not only the forward movement of the fabric can be realized, but also the dye liquor and the fabric can be fully contacted in a short time to achieve the purpose of uniform dyeing. From this, it can be seen that the jet dyeing machine is completely different from the traditional flow dyeing machine, wherein the water belongs only to the carrier of the dyes and chemicals. And it is the high speed air flow driving the fabric to run, so its bath ratio can be very small.
Not only that, the jet dyeing machine can also achieve high temperature drainage and continuous water washing in the process of running. This can not only significantly shorten the dyeing cycle, but also can improve the softness of the fabric to a certain extent. In addition, in the process of high temperature discharge, due to the pressure relief, the moisture can be quickly vaporized in the fabric to avoid the folding phenomenon.
In contrast, when using this jet dyeing machine, it can also significantly reduce the amount of dyes and additives. In a word, in the process of dyeing, the application of the eco-friendly air jet dyeing machine can not only reduce the water consumption and pollution, but also can shorten the dyeing cycle, and has good economic and ecological environmental benefits. It is worthy of promotion and application.