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Development Of Dyeing Machine Control System

A new generation of flexible each tube independent operation of the air fabric dyeing machine to relatively small size of the fan to replace the traditional bulky large fan, a change in the past air machine image, the industry has never seen a new patent design, its main technical performance Indicators have reached the international advanced level.

The traditional air dyeing machine no matter how many groups of pipes, the general use of a single fan design, and the need for a long sub-wind pipe to the tube for the wind. In addition to this wind supply system caused by uneven air volume, sub-wind pipe resistance increased significantly, in addition to low wind efficiency, but also by greatly enhance the air supply so that each tube dyeing effect is similar. The design of the existing air flow machine, due to the maximum energy efficiency can only supply six dye tube, so the traditional air dyeing machine has the advantage of low bath, but the power consumption is huge.

Ultra-low bath than high temperature and high pressure air flow dyeing technology is a multi-tube independent airflow dyeing machine, the machine will have their own fan connected to the nozzle connected to its combination, and the fan also has a separate suction pipe. As the air supply system does not involve the air duct, the air supply resistance is significantly reduced, so that each fan can achieve the best operation, the entire air supply system to achieve the best energy saving effect. As a result of each fan independent operation, flexible operation, easy maintenance, reduced power consumption, energy saving significantly.

The growth of textile market demand and the development of science and technology level, to the dyeing and finishing industry has brought great opportunities and challenges. The current dyeing and finishing of textile processing enterprises mainly rely on dyeing machine controller, which can achieve automatic processing and control of processing. The traditional dyeing machine controller generally uses the single chip microcomputer and the programmable controller PLC, and the single chip computation speed is slow, the anti-interference ability is bad, the maintenance difficulty is difficult, the programmable controller PLC cost is high, the networking is bad. In order to improve the automation level and market competitiveness of dyeing and finishing enterprises, this paper puts forward the research of dyeing machine control system based on ARM chip LPC1768. Based on the summary of the dyeing machine control system and the product KB300M function at home and abroad, this paper puts forward the design scheme of the new dyeing machine control system. The hardware part of the program uses LPC1768 as the MCU master chip, through the CAN bus and RS485, respectively, and control systems and field terminals. And can be collected by the external temperature, liquid level and switch the amount of state, used to control the motor running. The software part of the main design of a friendly man-machine interface, is based on UCGUI and file system migration, you can set the interface function to achieve on-site programming. In this paper, the temperature control algorithm of the dyeing machine control system is improved, and the parameters of the traditional PID control algorithm are difficult to be set up, and the subject of the fuzzy control algorithm is stronger. Combined with the advantages of both, proposed adaptive PID control algorithm to achieve closed-loop parameter control. Experiments show that the control system designed in this paper is excellent in driving the LCD screen and controlling the motor, and realizes the precision temperature control and insulation precision. Greatly improved the system’s power consumption, cost and reliability, the success of the enterprise to improve the level of automation.