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Dyeing Machine For Dyeing Problem

We usually wear of clothing and life supplies are is colorful of, different of crowd like of color is not as of, now has many dye printing equipment is can on textiles and cloth for dye printing of, with Zhijian traditional artificial dyeing compared, dyeing machine of dye printing technology more mature, so in using dyeing machine dyeing Shi, and will occurred so problem does, small series on to to friends are said a said, first is article-like color spent, in dyeing process in the, if machine of nozzle Shang sucking full water, but no soaking in dye liquid in the words, In dyeing fabric of when, on will caused contraction not uniform, easy let cloth produced article-like color spent, second tube poor, nozzle jam Hou will caused tube poor, reasons also is dye liquid filter network no cover tight, water in the contains sand and other impurities, such will led to cloth volume Zhijian not equal, also will let mention cloth round of speed has must of differences. loaded box machine agent said, various fabric in same capacity specifications Xia using dyeing machine, if mount volume not as words, run of smooth also will has must effect.