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Dyeing Machine How To Control Printing And Dyeing

Dyeing machine, is to various cloth and material for dyeing of machine equipment, but in some humidity compared high, or is high temperature conditions Xia, dyeing machine is hard play out good of dyeing technology of, so in dyeing process in the, and the how control dyeing technology does, small series on to to friends are said a said, in dyeing Shi, General will wants to using short time to completed Shang dye process, and full of using fuel, not let dyeing of cost greatly increased, but in dyeing process in the, inevitably will occurred some we unexpected of things , To wants to put textile real dyeing of uniform and not let fabric by deformation words, need must of dye printing technology, Shang dye rate compared slow words, in economic Shang will caused must of loss, Shang dye rate too fast, fabric on will occurred dyeing not uniform of things, best of approach is through mobile dyeing to improved and remedy dyeing process in the of errors. automatic from brick machine agent said, in dyeing process in the, dye of moved dye performance with they of adsorption performance about.