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Dyeing Machine In The Assembly And Disassembly Mechanical Seal Should Pay Attention To What?

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1, disassembly should be careful to avoid bumps, scratches, static ring sealing surface and auxiliary seals, absolutely not allowed to use hand hammer, iron percussion.

2, in case of dirt deposition is not open, should first clean and then disassemble, try to avoid damage to the sealing element.

3, the assembly process, you must keep the sealed cavity, the sleeve surface cleanliness requirements. In case of dust attached, can be cleaned with gasoline, and with a clean soft gauze, cotton paper, cotton and other things to scrub, static ring sealing surface. When assembling the sealing surface can be coated with turbine oil or spindle oil.

4, the mechanical seal of the spring compression must be adjusted properly, which mainly rely on assembly experience to ensure. When adjusting the amount of spring compression, the fixing screws must be tightened without any loosening.

5, such as the use of external seal liquid, the sealing fluid is required to be higher than the sealed medium pressure 0.5kg / cm2. Flow is not strictly required, only to be able to constitute a cycle, take the sealed cavity too much heat is limited.