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Effect Of Dyeing Machine On Dyeing Quality

People often use dyeing machine equipment, dyeing quality will be some deviation, in fact, will affect the quality of dyeing there are many factors, which is one of the machine capacity, this dyeing machine can adapt to any fabric, but in the production It is necessary to determine the actual capacity of the dyeing machine according to the thickness and width of the fabric, etc. For the same width of the fabric, the more thin, the smaller the capacity, then this will cause the fabric length is too long, dyeing cycle But also very long, easy to make the fabric in the dyeing machine chaos knot, which will cause the fabric pattern .In addition, the gas-fired oil furnace manufacturers in this also and we say that, under normal circumstances, people think that dyeing machine The real capacity is determined by the length of the fabric per meter, rather than simply based on the thickness of the fabric to decide, so as to ensure that the dyeing machine dyeing quality will not be affected too much, so we still Pay attention to the job.

The use of high temperature dyeing machine can improve the overall dyeing rate of disperse dyes, but there are many factors that will affect the use of high temperature dyeing machine. The site staff to share some of the main factors. First, the temperature , The increase in temperature on the feed rate is very helpful but when the temperature raised to a certain extent, the dyeing rate will not change, but since the high temperature, the dyeing fabric will be hydrolysis and other issues, resulting in The elasticity and strength of the fibers are deteriorating, and the shade will be deteriorated, and higher temperatures tend to represent greater energy consumption, resulting in an increase in the dyeing cost of the high temperature dyeing machine, so we need to control the temperature properly. The use of the dye can also be a good way to ensure that the dye is spread smoothly into the dye bath, get a more uniform dyeing effect, so we can add additives according to the needs of appropriate. PH on the use of high temperature dyeing machine also have some effect in alkaline Under the conditions of a lot of disperse dyes is not good any hydrolysis of the phenomenon.Therefore we need to properly control the dye bath acidification value, to ensure better conditions in the Soviet acid conditions Dyeing effect.

Dyeing machine is mainly used for dyeing the fabric equipment, as a machine, its use efficiency directly affects the factory production profits, want to make the dyeing machine production efficiency is improved, then it needs to be maintained, only Maintenance can make the use of efficiency after the better let Xiaobian to introduce the dyeing machine maintenance methods.First we need to regularly wipe, after a long period of use will certainly be infected with a lot of dust and stains, This time it is necessary to wipe clean in a timely manner, if not wipe, then it is likely to lead to the failure of the dyeing machine. Second is the need to pay attention to the dyeing machine to add the oil, add the time should first pay attention to the internal parts Of the wear and tear, when there is a need to wear in a timely manner to replace, only after the replacement can guarantee the use of the effect, and in addition to the application of lubricating oil, dyeing machine efficiency can certainly be greatly improved. Note that the line inside the dyeing machine, it is summer, it is likely that because of the problem of high temperature aging Health, aging occurs when the line on the need for timely replacement, to ensure the operation of the machine.