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General Information Air Flow Dyeing Machine

Air dyeing machine actually is a General of dyeing machine, main is relies on dyeing liquid, also has guide cloth roll pull run. processing of when, should according to material adjustment fabric of run speed, guarantee right of cycle times, guarantee stable of process. with temperature of changes, dyeing of process also in occurred must of changes. dyeing of when, water molecular led fuel to must of kinetic energy in fiber Zhijian for adsorption, fixed. it can for mobile, reached must of balance. with processing, dyeing end zhihou, On can completed basic of function. air dyeing technology is a new of dyeing technology, high-energy atomization air role is good. electric heater manufacturers told everyone it now is to high quality of direction development. it has is good of feel, also has is good of advanced, meet has basic of process. process compared short, can achieved small bulk of production, has automatically of control function. it meet environmental of requirements, adapted modern of development and technology.