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High Temperature And High Pressure Dyeing Machine Advantages

High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine for acrylic shirt, nylon socks, scarves, seamless underwear, sweaters, gloves, imitation cashmere and blended knitted fabrics such as dyeing treatment. Stable safe and reliable, no noise, the machine durable.

GR20A series of high temperature and high pressure normal temperature hair ball hair dyeing machine suitable for dyeing natural fibers: such as: cotton, linen, silk, wool and other loose fibers, can also be used for bleaching and processing, the use of patented design of mixed-type mixed flow pump Automatic commutation, penetration into the fiber parts to achieve uniform staining.

GR20A high temperature and high pressure normal temperature foaming ball dyeing machine for the automatic, through the Foshan computer HG-700D the main function according to the requirements of the process of automatic program control, the main control of the dyeing machine is as important as the following functions:

High efficiency and high corrosion resistance Main pump system: The series dyeing machine adopts stainless steel mixed flow pump. And equipped with frequency converter, can be stepless control dyeing flow. The main pump series with flow enough, penetrating strong, stepless adjustment and other characteristics, to ensure good quality dyeing quality. Automatic temperature and cooling system: in the process of a given temperature rise and fall rate through the stainless steel Y-valve can be continuous by the rise and fall control, so that the temperature is more scientific and reasonable, dyeing effect is more perfect.

Water level control system: master cylinder automatic into and drainage, and through the master cylinder on the continuous automatic flap level gauge, so that the water level control in the process requirements of the scale. This makes the dye bath bath more accurate, and can be adjusted as required and designed bath ratio. With mixing device and the level of water level control.

Efficient built-in heat exchange system:

(1) the heat exchanger placed in the lower part of the vat, so that the compact structure of the tank simplified, significant energy savings and reduce production costs. Built-in heat exchanger has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, small temperature difference and high uniformity.

(2) direct heating system. Dyeing positive and negative cycle commutation control system: with a compact structure, the liquid more smooth commutation device, combined with positive and negative cycle time automatic control to improve the dyeing uniformity. Low ratio bath (1: 8), saving dye chemical additives and energy.