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High Temperature And High Pressure Yarn Dyeing Machine Has The Following Dyeing Method

Application: yarn dyeing machine for a variety of natural synthetic fiber hops, lines and belts. Easy to operate, the nozzle is equipped with automatic jet device, with automatic positive and reverse control equipment, the use of hanging yarn rods repeatedly positive and negative rotation to dyeing evenly. The use of computer automatic control equipment, control dye temperature rise and fall, insulation delay, dye additives to join, washing and other operations. Door cover with quick opening structure, with a safety interlock device to ensure safe operation.

Yarn dyeing machine is DB211 series of high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine, mainly suitable for dyeing cotton, polyester cotton, polyester wheel, polyester wool, acrylic, nylon, cotton, yarn and other yarn and zipper. Cooperation of various types of creel, can be different dyeing yarn, such as cheese yarn, hank yarn, warp yarn and loose hair and so on.

High temperature and high pressure yarn dyeing machine has the following dyeing methods: First, the full charge: the traditional auxiliary pump pressure = auxiliary cylinder external circulation system, easy to grasp the dyeing process, easy to operate (bath ratio 1: 8-1: 10) (1: 5-1: 8), the dyeing quality is reliable, the operation is simple and convenient, saving energy, dyes, chemical auxiliaries, and more useful in the semi-flooding state, according to the yarn quality and dyeing technology. For a wide range. Third, the mixed type: with full charge and pressure type two functions.

Yarn dyeing machine features the most suitable for single-strand yarn, rayon, mercerized cotton yarn, silk, silk, fancy yarn and cashmere and other objects bleaching, scouring, dyeing, washing and post-processing. The machine uses a specially designed low-power, high-flow dedicated pump to improve the pump’s anti-cavitation ability to deal with the traditional type of machine at high temperatures when the low water quality impact of dyeing quality problems. The latest type of weir flow spray tube durable, dyeing tube and turn the yarn shift tube into one, the dye is absolutely no winding or knotting phenomenon, dyeing inverted box is simple, low loss rate. * Special design of the amount of water conditioning machine can be visual yarn and the number of yarn count, the number of varieties is not the same, arbitrary conditioning water volume. The machine is optimized by structure, the bath ratio is reduced to (110 ~ 15), save the material, reduce the cost.