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The Use Of High Temperature And High Pressure Dyeing Machine

In using high temperature high pressure dyeing machine of when, we to note following of several matters, such is to avoid because process of reasons led to operation of improper, such on will fight occurred color spent, color stains, color spot of some phenomenon, so on will for dyeing of quality caused some effect, so in using of process in the, we to note which matters does, following we on to see specific of situation’s. first, in dye select of when, we to as select diffusion sex and uniform sex of material, Such in mosaic of when is more of reliable, so in using of process in the, only can better of play with all aspects of advantage. Second, in work of process in the, we to will it for restore cleaning, certainly in this process in the, will led to it of color degrees by some effect, actually these are is normal of phenomenon, so everyone not necessary too too worried. Second, we in using it of tar of when, to prevent in it of above appeared spots, such will led to in oil liquid among formed heavy-like of material, In such a case, some infiltration from fiber fibers, such processing will also have an impact, so we have to clean.