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What Is The Active Dyeing In The Dyeing Machine?

Speaking of dyeing machine in the active dyeing, we actually have to understand that in its dyeing and printing time, our dyeing machine of the dye activity gene is in fact and fiber molecules will form a combination, so in terms of words, In fact, we will find that in fact, it will actually make our dye and fiber to form a relatively complete whole.

For the dyeing machine carried out by the active printing and dyeing, in simple terms, it is actually that will directly make the fabric dustproof performance is relatively good, otherwise speaking, in terms of its cleanliness is concerned, then it will be relatively high , There is the color fastness is also very high. But in terms of its cost terms, we actually will find that it is much higher than the pigment printing and dyeing.

For the dyeing machine in the work, we actually have to pay attention to its printing with dyes, in fact, is the reactive dyes, this time, in fact, is to directly use high viscosity sodium alginate as a paste Flow, its degeneration is relatively small, and in terms of its amount of pulp in terms of the fact that it will be relatively small, can be very good to maintain the original shape.

Dyeing machine carried out in this role in terms of words, we actually have to pay attention to, in many cases, they actually will be directly on the use of dual active base M-type reactive dyes, the dye itself, It is actually will have a better fixation rate and lifting force, at the same time, it can reduce the soap when the brush color prescription.

Dyeing machine carried out by the active printing process, and the pigment printing process to compare, in fact, there will be a lot of advantages, more common, with this process in our dyeing machine processing fabric, on its permeability Better, in terms of its fastness in terms of words, in fact, it will be more excellent, there is its feel more soft, but also note that its printing process more cumbersome.