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Zero Space Hydraulic Hydro Extractor Component

Thank you for choosing a zero space Hydro Extractor. Before using the instrument, please read this manual carefully, from which you can get information about the performance of the instrument, the use of methods and maintenance, which will help you to better use the instrument.

First, the technical field

This product is an essential product for the use of inverting oscillators for the determination of leaching toxicity of cyanide and volatile organic compounds.

Second, the working principle

The samples were filtered and extracted using the unique airtightness of the zero space Hydro Extractor.

Third, the components

Zero space Hydro Extractor mainly by the base, zero space Hydro Extractor body and the top, negative pressure table four parts.

Fourth, use the method

1, the top of the zero-space Hydro Extractor with a pound to push the piston, and then wet the piston wall wet water.

2, the piston from the top balance into the zero space Hydro Extractor, pushed down from the cover 1cm (the purpose is to have enough space inside the Hydro Extractor filled with liquid), and then the bottom lock.

3, put the sample, and then put a stainless steel filter, with ultra-pure water soaked filter (90mm) into the first steel filter above, and then put the second filter, To be placed concentrically, to prevent dislocation;

4, put the lid, with three screws tightly fixed, to pay special attention in the tightening process can not be one of the screws spin to the most tight to spin the other screw, to keep up with the flange like four gradually Tighten, to prevent the gap caused by leakage;

5, the pure water and samples added to the container, the zero space Hydro Extractor up and down valves are closed, zero space extractor below the gas nozzle and nitrogen cylinder connected with a good tube, the cylinder above the cylinder of nitrogen open, and then open the zero space extraction The following valves are opened

Press the nitrogen cylinder to the zero space Hydro Extractor pressure, see zero space extractor pressure gauge value of 20psi to stop the pressure, close the zero space extractor below the valve, remove the nitrogen cylinder, then the zero space extractor above the mouth Connect a silicone tubing and gently turn the black knob on the valve (note: be sure to rotate gently) When you see the silicone tube to see the water column (indicating that the air inside the zero space extractor has all been ejected) , Quickly turn the black knob, close the valve

6, will be completed after the completion of the zero space Hydro Extractor placed on the flip-flop, pay attention should be placed in a cross-shaped symmetry, and pay attention to the bottom of the parts in the rotation will not crash to other items, and the surrounding environment does not interfere with rotation Operation of the device. And oscillated at 30 ± 2 revolutions per minute for 18 ± 2 h. After the experiment, the zero space extractor is removed, the top open valve is opened and connected to the airtight syringe, slowly pressurized from the bottom, so that the liquid from the Hydro Extractor slowly into the airtight syringe, the action continues to the top outlet After the liquid is not present, close the top switch and unplug the bottom of the fast gas plug, the entire filter is completed.

Fifth, note

1, under normal circumstances, with the use of flip-flop when the zero-space Hydro Extractor to match the diameter of 90mm aperture 0.6-0.8um fine pore filter is better.

2, zero space Hydro Extractor after use, pay attention to clean and in a reasonable environment for storage.

3, the zero-head extraction container placed on the flip before the oscillator, be sure to put all the screws screw with tools to prevent the screws off.

4, with a pound to the top of the zero-head extraction of stainless steel piston piston when the best way to put the piston in the center of the piston, it is best to use a small hammer percussion.

Zero space extractor zero space Hydro Extractor

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