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Jet Dyeing Machines

High-temperature high pressure HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine is suitable for dyeing processing cotton , polyester , acrylic , nylon,sheep ,whool,T/C,acrylic /cotton blends ,polyester,wool blends,hemp and cotton blends or any kind of blended yarn.

With a specially-designed nozzle structure, it enables the fabrics in loose and expanded conditions during the dyeing process. It has an excellent performance in dyeing tight and heavy fabrics and can eliminate the crease mark problem,which is usually seen in other dyeing machines. Meanwhile, the machine has two ropes loading capability.

Jet overflow dyeing machine -SLA High Temperature Dyeing Machine Dyeing Machine Description: The innovative JED is a high temperature, high pressure jet dyeing machine. This new design with its swimming material transport and low tension of the goods avoids crease marks and provide high quality…

High temperature jet flow dyeing machine description: ◇Adopting new nozzle system and fabric spreading and straitening system, the machine effectively improves fabric quality and productivity, lowers liquor ratio, achieves environmental protection and energy saving, caters for the most demands…