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Infrared Ray IR Lab Dyeing Machine


  1. Environmental protection, high efficiency, energy-saving, intelligent to get rid of the lampblack pollution and water and electricity consumption of traditional glycerin heating dyeing machine
  2. Special designed aluminum alloy carriage has excellent performs in the heat preserve and the dye beakers can be individually placed or removed to save waiting time
  3. Controlled by frequency converter and automatic clockwise and anticlockwise rotation devices. Liquor in the beakers fluctuates with adjustable speed of rotation. Therefore dye uptake is more uniform .It is suitable for dyeing all materials to get most flat and uniformly dyed sample.
  4. We use 200ml, 350ml, and 420ml beakers for both ultra low liquor-ratio and high liquor-ratio dye in order to suit different fabrics and yarns
  5. Equip with LCD Display temperature controller which can set 100 programs and 100 steps
  6. Equip with the dosing device if you require (auxiliary lid with the volume of 30ml)
  1. Quantity of beakers: 24 Pieces
  2. Material of beakers: S.S 316L
  3. Capacity of beakers: 200cc/350cc/420cc for option
  4. Liquor Ratio/Bath Ratio:1:4-1:30
  5. Rotating Speed: 0.2-60RPM
  6. Heating Method: Infrared Heating Tube
  7. Heating Rate: 0.2-4℃
  8. Heating Medium: Metal Heat Conduct(Aluminum)
  9. Dyeing Temperate Range: Ambient to 140℃
  10. Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃
  11. Cooling Method: Natural Air cooled
  12. Power Source: AC220V/380V,4.5KW,50HZ/60HZ
  13. Dimension: 77*83*85cm, 190KG