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Brief introduction of yarn dyeing machine related characteristics

【Overview】 Speaking of yarn dyeing machine, it is actually DB211 series of a high temperature and high pressure dyeing equipment, mainly speaking, we actually will note that it itself is more suitable for dyeing cotton, polyester , Polyester wheel, there is in the polyester and wool, acrylic, nylon and its cotton, wool yarn and other textile and zipper on the use. And, in fact, yarn dyeing machine will be with different types of creel, can dye different yarns, the common is that there will be cheese yarn, hank yarn, warp yarn and its loose hair and so on.

Then, the characteristics of the yarn dyeing machine equipment, in large part, is actually more suitable for single-strand yarn, rayon, as well as its in the mercerized cotton yarn and its silk, silk and fancy yarn and Its cashmere and other objects on the bleaching, scouring and its dyeing, washing and subsequent treatment.

On the current use of the yarn dyeing machine equipment, we actually will find it on its own terms, in a large extent, in fact, will use a special design of a low energy consumption and its large flow of dedicated pump, In order to its extent, in fact, it is to improve the pump itself, an anti-cavitation ability, in order to its extent, it will solve the traditional type of machine at high temperatures when the water Low impact on the quality of dyeing equipment.

sample cone dyeing machine

Hank yarn dyeing machine 

Then, on the yarn dyeing machine equipment used in the new type of weir flow injection tube is actually will have a durable character, when it comes to dye tube and turn the yarn shift tube in fact it will be directly to become a One.

Finally, the yarn dyeing machine for the dye is absolutely no winding or related knotting phenomenon, after the dye on the back will be easier, the loss rate is relatively low. For the yarn dyeing machine on the special design of the water regulator in terms of, to a large extent, in fact, can be seen as the amount of yarn and its yarn count or the number of species of mulberry is not the same, can adjust the size of the water.