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Do you know the operational principle of the overflow dyeing machine?

【Original title】 The operational principle of the overflow dyeing  machine

【Summary】When it comes to the overflow dyeing machine, in fact, it is a dye vat of decade meters in length, and is equipped with runners. Therefore, to a great extent, it can drive the cloth rotating. Located in the lower part of the dyeing machine is a thick and long dye vat. And for the dye liquor, it is in the dye vat.
Moreover, in terms of the dyeing process of the cloth, to a large extent, it will dye in the lower dye vat. Then, to a large extent, it will directly control the time of the cloth in the dye vat infiltration through control the rotating speed. At the same time, we can control its dyeing effect.
At this time, the overflow dyeing machines are in sets of four. For each set, in fact, it is interlinked. The batching bar will be on one side, which will directly lead to dyeing defects of the overflow dyeing machine. To a large extent it will be different for the dyeing effect of cloth from each bar.


continuous fabric dyeing macine

Then, when the overflow dyeing machine is running, we should pay attention to the fact that the four – cylinder itself, which is far from the material feeding cylinder, will show a color from the shallow to the dark, and it will have a relatively small influence on the cloth whose prewired colors are deep.
Finally, the operation of the overflow dyeing machine, to a large extent, will not be suitable for the cloth with relatively shallow prewired colors. Because of this, the overflow dyeing machine to a large extent will affect the stain intensity, and the effect will be much better.