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Dyeing objects and internal temperature control of fabric dyeing machine

[Keywords] fabric dyeing machine

[summary] although there are only three words in the dyeing machine, there are many kinds of dyeing machines, and they can be of different kinds under different classification standards. In order to  understand the specific dyeing machine for everyone,Let me give you a brief introduction to this subject.

1. cloth dyeing machine, which is the dyeing machine from which to classify, and thus to obtain the specific species?

The dyeing machine is a kind of dyeing machine, which is a kind of dyeing machine which is classified from the angle of the dyed object. Because it can be seen from the name, it is mainly dyed cloth, so it will have the name. And overflow dyeing machine, as well as high-temperature, high-pressure dyeing machine, etc., these are dyeing machine from the dyeing way to classify, and thus get the kind.

2. overflow and high temperature dyeing machine, and cloth dyeing machine between them there is a conflict?

Overflow dyeing machine and dyeing machine of high temperature and high pressure, there is no conflict and contradiction between them and cloth dyeing machine, because they are the specific types under the different classification standards of dyeing machine. Moreover, the first two types of dyeing machines can also be cloth dyeing machines, because they can be dyed cloth, so this conclusion can only be reached.

3. cloth dyeing machine, which can be the object of dyeing? What are its characteristics? And how to control the internal temperature of the dyeing machine?


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Cloth dyeing machine, its dyeing objects, mainly for cloth, this is a large category, specifically speaking, for cotton, linen and so on. The dyeing machine has the characteristics of uniform dyeing, good effect, and not easy to be dyed and so on.

How to control the internal temperature of dyeing machine, is actually very simple, as long as the dyeing machine is installed inside the valve, such as heating, cooling, cooling valve valve valve etc. these, and through the computer level to control, so that can achieve this goal. And it can also have good control effects.