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Fabric dyeing machine issues, and what should pay attention to dyeing?

[summary] fabric dyeing machine, which is a kind of dyeing machine, and so is a stain, equipment, knowledge and understanding of it, the following will start, because it can broaden our horizons and enrich their knowledge, and at the same time, can also increase some professional knowledge, thus, let you have the new harvest and inspiration.

1. in dyeing equipment, fabric dyeing machine, whether it is a more common one?
In dyeing equipment, it can be said that the fabric dyeing machine, a dyeing machine, is a more common machine equipment, or mechanical equipment. In addition, in this type of equipment, the dyeing machine is a major representative, and in the dyeing machine type, in addition to fabric dyeing machine this one, there are other types of dyeing machine, it can be said that a wide variety.
2. fabric dyeing machine, which is what kind of standard dyeing machine classification, so as to obtain the specific types? In addition, what are the classification methods and specific types of dyeing machines?


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A fabric dyeing machine that classifies the dyeing machine according to the condition of the dye to obtain specific types. And in this classification, besides fabric dyeing machine, there are two kinds of loose fiber dyeing machine and yarn dyeing machine.
The specific classification of the dyeing machine, in addition to the above-mentioned classification standards, there are other classifications, such as:
According to the nature of mechanical operation, it can be divided into intermittent dyeing machine and continuous dyeing machine these two kinds.
According to the staining method, which can have a dip machine, dyeing machine and the three kinds of dyeing machine.

3. fabric dyeing machine, in its dyeing process, should pay attention to some specific aspects?
The fabric dyeing machine has some aspects of attention in the process of dyeing, so the answer to this question is “yes,” and there is no doubt about it. Specifically speaking, there is mainly bath ratio control, heat insulation and cooling speed, pH, feeding and feeding, and leveling the five aspects.

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