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How to dyeing polyester fabric

Dyeing sequence of polyester is given below:

cone dyeing machine

Carrier and vessel washed by hydrose and caustic at 1000 C for 20 min

Load the package in the carrier and feed in the vessel

Add washing agent and run at 800 C for 20 min

Dyeing period

Add leveling agent and acid, run at 600 C for 10 min

PH check

Color mixing at 700 C for 40 min

Color dosing at 600 C for 20 min

Polyester dyeing at 1350 C at 20 gradient for 50 min

Sample check


Temperature cool down at 780 C and drain

Hot wash for 10 min

Rinse for 15 min for light shade and 25 min for dark shade

Add hydrose, soda ash, run at 800 C for 20 min


Rinse for 10 min

Neutralization by acetic acid at 500 C 20 min


So, that’s all about the polyester dyeing as well as synthetic yarn dyeing. You can try it in your practical life and give me a feedback about the result of dyeing process of polyester.