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Installation steps and operation rules of the HTHP dyeing machine

Like other industrial machine, whether the dyeing machine can work smoothly and achieve the ideal processing effect, not only is related to itself, but also has a great relationship with the installation and use of equipment. Sometimes even if the performance of the HTHP dyeing machine is high, quality is good, but if the installation is not in place or the use is improper, it is still unable to operate normally.
First of all concern is the installation of the HTHP dyeing machine. We should determine the location of the installation and also reserve the space for the future operation and maintenance of the equipment. When installing, try to select the flat ground as far as possible, and use the screw of the foot to fix it.
In the installation of the HTHP dyeing machine, do not forget to use the instrument to check the level of the equipment. If the level is not enough, it must be installed after  finding; After the equipment is fixed, the three – phase four – wire power supply should be configured and placed in the electrical wire box of the equipment.

Dyeing Machine For Fabric

low liquor ratio hthp dyeing machine

Considering the safety of the HTHP dyeing machine in the later use, it is necessary to take the corresponding treatment of electrical grounding, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of various adverse consequences. After the HTHP dyeing machine is installed in place, the operation of the equipment can be started.
However, don’t ignore the inspection of all parts of the HTHP dyeing machine, especially the details, such as whether fastening pieces are tight or not. If there is any problem, it should be dealt with in time. Then the fabric is sorted according to the color, texture and so on. They can not be mixed together into the HTHP dyeing machine, otherwise it will affect the treatment effect.


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In the operation of the HTHP dyeing machine, the amount of detergent should be moderate, too much or too little is not good; Also, the water temperature should be controlled properly. Usually when the water temperature reaches 70 ℃, the steam valve can be closed. When all work is finished, the HTHP dyeing machine should be cut off to prevent accidental activation.