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Main points for attention in the use of the soft flow dyeing machine

In the process of using the soft flow dyeing machine, the process parameters should be set reasonably for different fabrics. For example, when selecting the nozzle diameter,it should be slightly wider than the diameter of the fabric rope. In particular, in the case of the fabric with larger thickness, more attention should be paid to this point, in order to avoid staining blocked.
The soft flow dyeing machine equipment itself has good use performance, but it still needs to pay attention to the safety of operation during the use. For example, in the process of opening and closing the cover, when the dyeing is end, it should first shut off the steam valve, cutting off heat energy. Then open the dropping valve, until the pressure drops to a certain extent and the temperature of the machine down to below 85 ℃, then can open the cover.
Note that during the use of the soft flow dyeing machine, operators should pay special attention to safe operation. For example, the tempering glass observing window installed on the machine, if found the dyeing temperature is more than 100 ℃, remember that you can not use wet cloth to scrub it, so as to avoid danger. In addition, after the adjustment of the bath ratio of the gauge glass, the cut-off valve at the upper/lower ends should be closed.
In the process of using the soft flow dyeing machine, as a user, must pay attention to maintenance and repair work. That is to say, in addition to mastering the operating methods, it is necessary to strengthen the routine maintenance and inspection, in particular, pay attention to the sealing performance of the equipment. Generally, the whole machine should be maintained once a year, and the main parts should be repaired and maintained once in half a year, and the wearing parts should be inspected and maintained once a month.
In addition, in daily work, we should also pay attention to the lubrication of the soft flow dyeing machine. This will help to extend the service life of the equipment, and is also conducive to the realization of safe production. More importantly, these contents have a very important impact on improving the dyeing quality of the soft flow dyeing machine, and also to strengthen the supervision in the workshop management.