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Maintenance and notice of Hydro Extractor

In the process of hydro extractor machine is mainly made by third foot hanging structure, when in use will have very good damping effect, dewatering machine shaft will effectively start a round structure, in the process of start will make the liner gradually accelerated, can not make the motor overload.

hydro extractor machine at run time of the liner by the balance correction, it will run smoothly and safety equipment in the process of running the high efficiency dehydration and simple operation, in the use of the life is long.

hydro extractor machine need to check all the parts are in good condition before use, effective washing evenly placed inside the rotor cage tube, start the motor effectively, this causes the rotor cage speed gradually accelerated. According to the type of fabric, generally 5 – 10 minutes to complete drying.

Yarn Hydro Extractor

 Yarn hydro extractor

hydro extractor machine can effectively according to the stop button, it will make the motor power, such as dehydration machine after its natural deceleration after a period of time, the operating brake handle, such intermittent brake operation, so that you can to a certain extent, the effective implementation of the cage stops.

the hydro extractor machine in stationary, so that they can effectively be taken out in the fabric, need to pay attention when using the water absorbing intensity of different fabric needs to be separated from dehydration, under normal circumstances, the dehydration machine newly installed or new connected wire, must ensure that the motor rotation direction is correct.

In the process of dewatering machine work, if the fabric is placed uneven, this will directly lead to the strong vibration, it is necessary to immediately switch off the power supply, the new fabric is placed evenly after dehydration.