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Package Dyed Advantages

Small lot sizes are common and possible using package dying
Custom color and shade matching is possible due to the smaller lot sizes than dope dying
These factors make package dying good for flexibility and color development

High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine

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Color uniformity is difficult to achieve from lot to lot, creating waste or product variation
Colorfastness not as good as solution dying leading to bleeding or transfer of dye onto other materials during subsequent operations as well as shade changes during downstream processing
Fading and changes to color more likely from package dyed yarns
Eight step process has a longer lead time than solution dyed yarn
Energy and water usage costs are very high for package dyed yarn
While package dying is adequate for most materials, thick, high twist yarns and threads may not allow for good dye penetration, and materials exposed to outdoor environments are likely to experience fading and shade changes.

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