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Performance characteristics and advantages of the woven dyeing machine

The so-called woven dyeing machine, in fact, refers to a new type of normal temperature dyeing equipment developed on the basis of other similar dyeing machines. The equipment is mainly used for bleaching, dyeing, scouring, washing and other processing treatments of various natural or synthetic fiber fabrics and their blended products. For users, the woven dyeing machine has good performance.
First, from the design point of view, the woven dyeing machine adopts a low water ratio design, so the water consumption per pound of cloth throughout the dyeing process is not more than 28 L. That is to say, the equipment has the characteristics of water saving, air saving, dye saving and electricity saving at the same time.


Secondly, from the operation point of view, because the woven dyeing machine has advanced dyeing computer control system, so the whole operation process is very convenient. Users can set it to automatic or manual control as needed. As for the heating temperature, heat preservation or cooling time of the equipment, it can be distinguished according to the different dyes, and the user can adjust at will. In addition, the device is equipped with fabric swaying device, thus solving the problem of disorganization.
Thirdly, the dyeing quality can be obviously improved by using the woven dyeing machine. Because the device is stable in performance, good reproducibility can also be guaranteed. At the same time, the equipment adopts a variable nozzle structure, which has the advantages of fast cloth lifting, light fuzzing, no elongation and secondary lubrication. The user can adjust that front and back nozzles appropriately accord to requirements, so that any gram of heavy cloth in the range of 100g to 400g can be met, and the application range is wide.