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Standard structure and advantages of cheese dyeing machine

In the manufacture of high temperature and high pressure yarn dyeing machine, we need to choose the best quality materials to ensure the quality of their use. The dyeing machine and all contact with the dye phase parts are made of high quality stainless steel material produced. This will not only guarantee the service life, but also reduce pollution. In addition, a new centrifugal pump with high efficiency is adopted.

In this way, when dealing with different fabrics, we can control the flow of the high temperature and high pressure cheese dyeing machine according to the actual needs. In addition, the device is equipped with a plate type liquid flow commutator that can automatically control the commutation, greatly simplifying the user’s operation flow. Coupled with the advanced microcomputer program controller, it is very convenient for users to operate.

In addition, the machine structure design of high temperature and high pressure package dyeing also includes many other highlights, such as the master cylinder is used in automatic pressure relief device, and is equipped with the open bucket, can realize the quantitative feeding. In addition, it is equipped with high-precision differential pressure sensors to control the liquid level very accurately.

sample cone dyeing machine

lab dyeing machine

It is precisely because of this, high temperature and high pressure package dyeing machine is also very prominent advantages, this equipment adopts the whole heat exchanger, centrifugal pump and 180 degree plate reversing device, eliminating the external circulation pipeline, so that the area was reduced by 20%. In the use of the equipment, but also fully achieved the high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection requirements.

In short, the high temperature yarn dyeing machine is a very practical equipment, it can not only guarantee the quality of production requirements, but also can save dyes, chemical additives, etc., so that the use of lower costs. In addition, the amount of sewage generated after use of the equipment has also been reduced.

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