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The advantages and bleaching for textile dyeing machine

Textile dyeing machine in the process of using automatic dyeing machine for dyeing also for slide can be effectively divided into conventional and special staining provides the stable and high quality dyeing, textile dyeing machine can simultaneously run a single or multiple staining solution.
Textile dyeing machine and a cover sheet machine supporting the use can effectively establish a working site, when in use, no longer need to cover dyeing and dyeing machine is mainly used for manual operation, the acrylic, cotton sweater, wool sweater, garment dyeing, bleaching, scouring and washing process
Textile dyeing machine in use can also be used for dyeing processing gloves, socks, towels and other products effectively, is a kind of dyeing equipment to adapt to a wide range of products of ideal. The machine automatically sets timing and reverse circulation agitation fabric. A miniature garment sample machine can be dyed three colors at one time.


fabric dyeing machine

The flexible flow of textile dyeing machine, this will make the cloth by its senior surface impact minimum, so that they can effectively ensure the pilling, yarn twist; unique elbow design, can achieve no dead angle, tension minimum, bath ratio of the minimum.
Textile dyeing machine using high-quality stainless steel metal materials in the process of running into the frame processing, the equipment with the automatic machine device has good dyeing effect, high dyeing rate, convenient, and saves the labor cost and material waste and other advantages.