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The cleaning method of the HTHP cloth dyeing machine

After using the HTHP cloth dyeing machine for a long time, the inner wall of the cylinder will deposit dirt. In particular, the printing and dyeing industry generally pay attention to the control of sewage discharge, more printing and dyeing mills will lead to the dye,low polymer, grease, fiber flock and other substances are deposited in the bottom of the cylinder in order to save water during the use of the HTHP cloth dyeing machine.
The cleaning of the bottom sediment in the HTHP cloth dyeing machine refers to the removal of the low polymer. Use NaOH or acid sulfite detergent to wash the cylinder. The addition of the carrier helps to dissolve the low polymer. The dispersant can inhibit the precipitation of the low polymer by adding high temperature resistant dispersant. Rapid cooling and high temperature drainage can prevent the deposition and condensation of the low polymer.


The removal of alkali incrustation, calcium salt and fiber flock in the HTHP cloth dyeing machine should be cleaned with hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid. The effect is better. But it also has obvious influence on stainless steel (corrosion resistant stainless steel commonly used on the inner wall of  cylinder). The gloss of the chrome plating layer disappears completely, and the corrosion performance is relatively large.
In view of this, the use of TF-105 cleaning cylinder agent does not contain strong acid, and has no corrosion performance on the cylinder. The cleaning effect will be better.
The removal of dye, tar and grease in the HTHP cloth dyeing machine will use the sodium hydrosulfite, liquid caustic, emulsifier and so on to do the relevant reduction clearing through the traditional cylinder protection process. In the cleaning of the HTHP cloth dyeing machine, add the appropriate amount of the waste cloth in the machine cylinder, to ensure that the high speed water sprayed from the nozzle spray to the waste cloth to reach the “dead corner” where the usual cycle is difficult to reach.