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The dyeing time and running speed of the atmospheric dyeing machine

The atmospheric dyeing machine is very suitable for the dyeing, pretreatment and post-treatment of the cylinder or the scutching rope form fabric in the use process. The shape storage tank of the atmospheric dyeing machine is loaded with the processed fabric. The water ratio is low to 1: 5 when it is fully loaded. All fabrics that do not need high temperature treatment can be processed in ECO-38. When dyeing the ordinary fabric, you can choose the model with a load of 250 kg per tube. Other types that have special requirements for the cycle time can choose the model of 120 ~ 160 kg per tube.

The contact part of the dye liquor in the atmospheric dyeing machine is made of stainless steel. The configuration of the super function improves the function of the machine, which makes the dyeing process complete in 316 minutes be possible.

The dyeing time of the atmospheric dyeing machine is shortened to 316 minutes, the water consumption is 55 L / kg. The high automatic control can be used to reduce operating interference. To a certain extent, it can save a lot of water. Installing the programmable intelligent LCD computer with various expression ways, which can real-time monitor the working status of the experimental warehouse.

The atmospheric dyeing machine is controlled by the frequency converter, which can rotate the device in positive and negative direction automatically and adjust the running speed of the cup plate. It can cooperate with the movement of the large goods process better. It undulates the dye liquor inside the cup back and forth when rotating, which make the degree of dyeing more uniform. It is suitable for various raw materials dyeing and it can get the most level and uniform cloth samples.

The atmospheric dyeing machine uses the air-cooled cooling system without external water source, which can reduce the waste of water source. It can make a proof with different bath ratios and cloth types simultaneously. And it can pick and place the dyeing cup at any time in the heating-up process without affecting the speed and effect of proofing.