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The importance of Yarn Dyeing Machine

In yarn dyeing, cone dyeing machine is the most widely used, high adaptability, high quality, high efficiency, environmental protection is the basic requirements of the yarn dyeing machine.


1.Applicability: there are many types of yarn can be spun into a variety of fibers, so the yarn dyeing machine is suitable for processing different types of fiber and yarn no break.

2.Quality: in the process of using yarn made of textile products, if any defects in the dyeing process, will be reflected in the fabric, so the most basic requirements is color, yarn not break.

3.Environmental protection, high efficiency:The form of legislation to limit the discharge of sewage now in many countries in order to reduce the process of dyeing wastewater, high efficiency water saving natural yarn machine has become the goal of development.

Package Yarn Dyeing Machine

Therefore, high-grade yarn dyeing machine must be equipped with advanced computer control system, in order to accurately control the dyeing process, easy to operate, to ensure the reproducibility of dyeing.