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The particularity and development trend of the rapid jet dyeing machine

The rapid jet dyeing machine is especially suitable for small batch, multispecies production, especially in the current rapid development of the market, this flexible dyeing machine will play an important role.

During the operation of most normal dyeing machines, the fabric flows in the dye solution in a mechanically propelled manner. While the fabric in the rapid jet dyeing machine is partially or completely driven by the dyeing liquid, so the device has obvious advantages in dyeing polyester fabrics.

In fact, the rapid jet dyeing machine mainly uses the strong impact of the dyeing liquid on the fabric to make the fabric deform and flow. After treatment, the fabric will become softer and more uniform, so the device is often referred to as a ” soft action” dyeing machine, also known as a” soft action” dyeing machine.

Combined with the current development situation to analyze, the future development trend of the rapid jet dyeing machine can be summarized into the following three aspects: The first aspect is the use of low bath ratio and with air injection system. In this way, not only the required dyeing liquid volume can be significantly reduced, but also the air flow can blow the rope fabric to achieve the best dyeing effect.

The other aspect is that the speed of the rapid jet dyeing machine will be further improved. This is because in the modern market, some advanced chemical & blended fabrics are made of microfiber as the raw material, so it is necessary to improve the production speed of the machine to deal with more and more light and thin fabrics.

The last development direction is that the automatic level of the equipment will continue to improve. I not only includes the control of dyeing parameters of rapid jet dyeing machine, such as temperature and heating speed, but also includes the automatic batching of rapid jet dyeing machine and the control level of special cleaning process. This can further improve the quality of the fabric.