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The preparation before starting up the Hydro Extractor and the adjustment of the filter belt

In order to ensure that the Hydro Extractor can achieve the desired results, it should be checked in advance. First of all, be careful to check whether the parts that need to be lubricated are lubricated well. Secondly, check whether the connection of the piping and valve of the pneumatic system is sealed well. If there is any leakage, it should be dealt with in time.

In addition, you need to check if the valves in each pipeline are operating flexibly. Next, the staff also needs to check whether the power supply voltage of the dehydrator is normal, and check whether the electrical switch and the belt protection device are reset. Finally, it is necessary to check if the over limit probe plate position of the filter belt rectifying deflection detection arm and the machine terminal is correct. In order to ensure the accuracy of the detection, the correct operation of the rectifying deflection device should be operated manually.

If you do not check and blindly start up the Hydro Extractor for operation, there may be some damage, such as possible damage to the filter belt, switch. In addition, the staff should also check if the items to be processed are ready. Finally, the appropriate working methods should be selected for the equipment.

In the operation of the dehydrator, one link is more important, that is about the adjustment of the filter belt. After using for a period of time, the filter bag in the concentration stage may appear certain elongation, so it should be adjusted in time. Usually, when adjusting the tension, the adjustment is mainly accomplished by the compression amount of the compression spring.

In addition, when adjusting the tension of the filter belt, the adjustment is mainly made with the pressure of the air pressure system. This is because the tension is controlled by air pressure. When adjusting the tension, it must be combined with the work of the dehydrator to adjust, in order to avoid the dehydration effect.