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The superiority of the fabric dyeing machine compared with the traditional cylinder score dyeing machine

In the past, the dyeing of cloth is usually done on the ordinary cylinder score dyeing machine, and there is no special fabric dyeing machine, which may cause a lot of problems. Aiming at the technical problems in the existing technology, a fabric dyeing machine with simple structure and can effectively improve the dyeing effect and efficiency is introduced.
If the fabric is dyed in the ordinary cylinder score dyeing machine, because the cylinder score dyeing machine has no nozzle. The fabric in the dye bath is mainly rely on the automatic diffusion of dye molecules, so the water consumption is large and the dyeing efficiency is low. And the cloth must be in a relaxed state in the dye bath. In addition, it is rope bunch dyeing, so it will also increase the difficulty of the subsequent finishing of the fabric, or make the local color difference.
And the special fabric dyeing machine is different. It includes the dye bath, cloth guide roller, lifting roller and other devices. The width of the device is greater than or equal to the width of the collar cloth. After adopting this structure, the fabric enters the dyeing machine in the condition of flat amplitude, and the whole process is circularly dyed with the state of the basic flat amplitude, so it can obtain better dyeing effect, and avoid uneven dyeing and crease.

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Knit fabric dyeing and finishing machine

And the fabric dyeing machine also has a nozzle which is used to spray the dye. It not only can make the fabric be disseminated in the dye bath, but also can achieve the double-sided spray dyeing of the front and the opposite of the fabric, effectively improving the dyeing efficiency and ensuring the dyeing effect.
Because there is a circulating pump between the nozzle of the fabric dyeing machine and dye bath through the pipeline, and the dye bath connects with the dye barrel through the pipeline, which can make the dye circulate between the nozzle and dye bath through the circulating pump and be recycled. It can greatly save the dye and water, saving the dye cost for users.
In conclusion, the dyeing of fabric dyeing machine is much better than that of the cylinder score dyeing machine, which not only has high dyeing efficiency, good dyeing effect, low dyeing bath ratio, but also is not easy to have crease, which is suitable for dyeing of various kinds of fabrics.