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The technical core and remarkable result of the yarn dyeing machine

Dyeing as a large process in textile processing, not only water consumption is large, but also easy to cause pollution. In order to effectively reduce the consumption of water during dyeing and reduce production costs, protect the environment, it require us to constantly develop new equipment and processes. The appearance of the yarn dyeing machine is to meet this demand.
Because the traditional yarn dyeing machine is usually heated by the heating tubes placed at the bottom of the dye vat. Not only the heating speed is slow, but also the heating is not uniform in the dye vat, and it is easy to cause defects such as uneven dyeing. Moreover, there are disadvantages of long production time, waste of power and low efficiency.
In this case, there is an urgent need to improve the traditional yarn dyeing machine. Here introduce to you is a water conservation energy reduction yarn dyeing machine which heats evenly, dye temperature rises faster and dyeing bath ratio is low when dyeing.The key to the transformation technology is to evenly set the heating tubes of the yarn dyeing machine in the cylinder wall of the dye vat, and the water compartment are installed around the heating tube.
In this way, after the heating tube of the heating yarn dyeing machine is heated by the  steam, it can directly heat the dye liquor of the upper, middle and lower parts of the vat, instead of directly heating the dye liquor at the bottom of the vat. So the dye liquor temperature rises quickly, heats evenly, and ensures the dyeing quality. It has less running time, high heating efficiency and energy saving.
In this way, the bottom of the yarn dyeing machine no longer needs to set the minimum water level, which greatly saves dyes and chemical materials. At the same time, it will not make the seeper at bottom of the dye vat, and it is convenient to clean, and it can eliminate pollution. Compared with the traditional dyeing machine, this kind of yarn dyeing machine can shorten the production time, improve the production efficiency, save the production cost and have many advantages.It can meet the dyeing of the bobbin,beam,twisted line, cotton roll cloth and other yarn.