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The technical proposal and working process of low liquor ratio hthp dyeing machine

The low ratio hthp dyeing machine is a new type of equipment, involving reducing energy consumption, sewage discharge and bath ratio. The present structure of the high temperature-pressure jet flow dyeing machine includes the barrel and the guide tube. The guide tube is arranged under the structure of the barrel, which is called the downward guide tube dyeing machine.
In the work process of the low bath ratio high temperature-pressure dyeing machine, when the cloth passes through the end of the guide tube, first impacts the upper edge plate of the cylindrical barrel, after first deceleration, then pushes through the warping groove to push and orderly into the storage tank. In this kind of warping mode, cloth in high speed operation, the cloth decelerates and falls down naturally because the cloth impacts the upper edge plate of warping groove.
In the operation process of the low  ratio hthp dyeing machine, there will be no cloth pressing, which will make the operation of the cloth become more smooth. However, in the operation of the cylindrical guide tube and dyeing machine, because the cloth is pushed up from the bottom, and the cylindrical barrel needs larger water to immerge the cloth in the warping groove, the whole circulation process needs a lot of water cycle, leading to the bath ratio is too large.
The barrel and the end of the storage tank in the barrel of the low bath ratio high temperature-pressure dyeing machine assume the upturned structure, which can save a lot of water source and make the bath ratio reduce to less than 1:6. It can reduce energy consumption and sewage discharge. And it is beneficial to protect the environment.
The low bath ratio high temperature-pressure dyeing machine includes the barrel, crossing groove arranged in the barrel, the guide tube arranged under the barrel, and the warping groove at the end of the crossing groove. The lower edge plate of the end barrel and the crossing groove in the barrel assume the upturned structure. The end of the guide tube is transferred from the bottom to the barrel connected with the lower edge plate at the end of the warping groove.