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Through some specific questions to be familiar with cotton dyeing machine

[Key words] cotton dyeing machine

[summary] dyeing machine is a common and commonly used machinery and equipment, especially in the textile printing and dyeing industry, its main role is to dye this one, so it is called this machine “dyeing machine“. And, if the specific words, there are many kinds, therefore, may wish to know about one of them, for the cotton dyeing machine, so as to enrich the knowledge of everyone.

1. cotton dyeing machine, which belongs to the dyeing equipment? What kind of classification does dyeing machine get from what angle?

Cotton dyeing machine, which belongs to the dyeing equipment, and this is obviously. In dyeing equipment, there are intermittent and continuous.

Cotton dyeing machine, dyeing machine is the dyed fabrics from this kind of angle to classify specific types, thus obtained and, in addition to cotton dyeing machine this one, there are some other species, what are the specific, will in the future, in detail.

Woven Dyeing Machine

Cotton knit fabric dyeing machine

2. cotton dyeing machine, which can be controlled by the valve, the internal temperature of the level?

Cotton dyeing machine, control of the internal temperature in general, some valves can be realized, such as heating and cooling valve valve, valve, valve etc. These cooling condensation. Moreover, the opening and closing of the valve can be controlled by the program. Therefore, through the computer and so on, it is possible to achieve its intelligent control.

3. cotton dyeing machine service life, whether there is a requirement? Besides, what do they mean by a few tubes?

Cotton dyeing machine service life, it is not required, so in the problem, the answer is No. As for how to see, mainly depends on the actual use of equipment, and if it can not meet the use requirements for a period of time, then it is necessary to use the new equipment. And this kind of dyeing machine on a few tubes, refers to the capacity of dyeing machine size, rather than other meanings.