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What are the advantages and uniqueness of the garment dyeing machine?

Compared with other common dyeing machines, the fabric in the garment dyeing machine is partially or entirely driven by the dye solution, and the fabric is subjected to a strong impact on the fabric, resulting in deformation and flow, making the treated fabric softer and more evenly dyed,

Some advanced techniques and technologies are used in garment dyeing machines, such as low bath ratio and air injection system. The volume of the dye liquor needed can not only be greatly reduced, but also the air flow can blow open the rope fabric to achieve the best dyeing effect.


In order to improve the working efficiency, some improvements have been made in the running speed of the garment dyeing machine. For example, the number of dyeable rope fabrics with separate rope piler is increased so that they can handle more and more light fabrics.

The garment dyeing machine also shows a higher degree of automation. It can realize automatic control of dyeing parameters, automatic ingredients, special cleaning process. In order to achieve the best effect of the treated fabric, it is necessary to properly regulate the flow speed of the fabric, and help to maintain the softness of the fabric.

The interior of the garment dyeing machine includes a program control board and a plurality of programs, through the operation of the program, the entire dyeing process can be automatically carried out. It only needs to select suitable procedures according to the quality of the dyed fabric, dyeing depth and the characteristics of the dye requirements .