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What are the main technical characteristics of the high temperature-pressure dyeing machine?

The high temperature-pressure dyeing machine has been widely used in the current market with its advantages. It can not only be used for the high temperature pressure dyeing of various flat woven fabrics, but also can be used to finish the scouring, bleaching, preshrinking, alkali deweighting and other processing operations. In practical application, the high temperature-pressure dyeing machine, especially for high added value shin-gosen and superfine fiber dyeing effect is better.

As a user, in the process of operating high temperature-pressure dyeing machine, we should abide by the specific rules, first ensure that the working pressure must not exceed 0.4 MPa and the highest working temperature is 140 ℃. In the dyeing process, the maximum operating speed of the fabric is 400m per minute. The spray nozzle type is overflow spray, and the specific clearance can be adjusted according to the actual needs. The device can be either automatic control or program control.

So, do you know what the main performance characteristics of high temperature-pressure dyeing machines are? First, because the motor used in the equipment is the lifting motor, the frequency conversion speed regulation can be realized. The running speed of the fabric can reach up to 600m per minute. Secondly, the structure design of the equipment is more advanced and reasonable, so that the cloth can be run at high speed under low tension, and can prevent the problems such as dyeing crease, and can also improve the hand handle and fill power of the cloth.

Because of the improved design of the anti-worm flow baffle, the high temperature-pressure dyeing machine in the dyeing process will not appear the problem of dye cloth spinning, to ensure more uniform dyeing effect. Moreover, the spray nozzle clearance can be freely adjusted to achieve and a half or full injection dyeing.

In addition to the characteristics described above, the high temperature-pressure dyeing machine can maintain smooth process even if the fabric with high density is processed. And the user can configure the corresponding automatic analog feed, feeding and temperature control system according to the need to reduce the tank color difference.