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What is the advantage of the air flow dyeing machine?

In the current market situation, domestic various kinds of cloth products appear layer upon layer without end, especially with the appearance of higher quality knitted fabric products, in the dyeing process, the conventional dyeing machine obviously can not meet the production requirements. As a new generation of dyeing machine, air flow dyeing machine shows a great advantage in the current market.

It is because in this development request, air flow dyeing machine arises at the historic moment. Compared with the traditional dyeing machine equipment, the air flow dyeing machine can be in turbulent state of expansion due to the use of high energy atomization air flow, so that the problem of the crease is solved. In addition, due to the presence of air flow promotion and uniform back-flow device, it can reduce the loss of materials and better guarantee the quality of the products.

In the process of dyeing, the equipment can not only strengthen the penetration force, but also achieve the effect of uniform dyeing. In the use of air flow dyeing machine to the dyeing process of single-side thin elastic knitted fabric, it can also eliminate the sewing edge operation, which not only can reduce the loss of the cloth, make it directly into the dyeing machine, but also can ensure the dyeing cloth clear, no fine wrinkles.
With the continuous improvement of the technical level, we can understand that the current air flow dyeing machine equipment is moving towards high quality, good handle, wide applicability, short process flow, energy saving and environmental protection, reducing energy consumption, small batch and large load, automatic control and so on. Because of the mist flow, the refined dye molecules are more easy to enter the discount area of the grey fabric, so the problem of the dyeing crease is solved.
Analyzing from the structure, under the action of air flow dyeing machine spray nozzle, it can make the dye molecules be a more uniform state in a certain area maintain , and dye the fabric at a faster speed. In short, the air flow dyeing machine with its own unique dyeing mechanism, so that can complete different products dyeing processing, and process high quality products.