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Why is jet dyeing machine welcomed by the manufacturers?

From the practical point of view, the jet dyeing machine has many advantages. It not only has a reasonable structure, which only needs to occupy a small space, but also has a high yield. Therefore, for the users, the use of jet dyeing machine can save a lot of materials, and also can significantly reduce the amount of labor, saving production costs.
In the operating process of the jet dyeing machine, users can select different working modes according to the specific conditions of production, such as the high temperature and high pressure type and normal pressure type. And it can also be used to handle different fabric types, that is, it can be used for both synthetic fibers and natural fibers. It not only can do the dyeing operation, but also can be used before and after treatment. Therefore, the equipment has a strong versatility, so it is welcomed by the manufacturers.

Usually, in the dyeing operation, the U-tube is injected with appropriate amount of dye, and then the dye liquor is pumped out of the U-tube through the circulating pump. Next, the heat exchanger is heated, and then ejected from the top nozzle, and the fabric is circulated in the tube and dyed at the same time, driven by the spray force of the nozzle.

People who has used the jet dyeing machine should know that the injection function of the equipment can not only help the dyeing liquid  penetrate into the interior of the rope fabric and shrink dye bath ratio, but also have less effect on the tension of the fabric, so it can get better dyeing effect.
In addition, in the dyeing process of the jet dyeing machine, when the fabric enters the dye bath, the fabric can be moved smoothly under the action of water flow. So that the fabric and dye liquor can be fully contacted. Moreover, the fabric can be kept in the best state during the moving process, so that the dyeing is uniform.