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Advantages Of Standard And Standard Configuration Of Cylinder Dyeing Machine

With the continuous improvement of the technical level, the requirements of dyeing equipment is also getting higher and higher. In order to meet the requirements of different dyeing process, to achieve the desired dyeing effect, cheese dyeing machine performance is also required to be optimal. In fact, not only the impact of the dyeing machine itself, the use of some of the accessories will have a certain impact.


1, the cheese dyeing machine used in the control system PLC and computer, because this part is the core of the entire control system, so its performance is reliable, powerful and powerful must be guaranteed. In addition, but also in the above with the central control connected to the interface. But because of the functional differences, some functions on the dyeing machine is useless, so this difference will be reflected in the price.

2, dyeing machine detection and implementation of components, the general requirements of such devices is relatively high, because the detection of temperature, pressure and other parameters of the accuracy and PLC and computer final program issued by the direct command is , Once the wrong, it will cause the issue is also wrong. So the detection of components in the accuracy, performance reliability, failure rate should have an advantage.

3, in addition to the above mentioned these accessories, there are a variety of valves are also on the cheese dyeing machine performance is relatively large, such as gas control valve, solenoid valve. This kind of program action the implementation of the quality of components, performance is also guaranteed, so as to avoid the frequent occurrence of failure, affecting its life.

◆ cheese dyeing machine Products:

Suitable for dyeing, cotton, acrylic, nylon, wool, polyester / cotton, polyester / wool, linen / cotton or all kinds of blended spinning line, equipped with various types of creel, can be used in different forms of yarn, such as cheese yarn Cakes, twisted yarns, warp yarns and pressed cheese yarns, can provide a single cylinder, dyeing, load range from 1-1296kw (1kg per cheese weight) 1 full charge, air cushion type.