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Brief Introduction To The Safe Use Of Dyeing Machine

For dyeing machine, it is actually a high-speed rotary machinery, on the work of its time, in terms of its drum, then it is actually a direct result of a huge centrifugal force. It is precisely because of this, in order to ensure the safety of our operators and dyeing machine, when it is used, in fact, it should be strictly abide by a lot of safety rules.

First of all, for the dyeing machine, when we find that the lock ring is not locked when the access device and its other fastening screws are not fastened, we actually can not start the separator; on the drum is not complete There is a stop phenomenon, in fact, that is not to release any of the machine fasteners; in its abnormal noise and its abnormal vibration, in fact, it should be immediately shut down and to cut off the power.

The operation of the dyeing machine is, in fact, is not the flame heating or welding drums of the main parts, especially for the drum body or drum cover and lock ring. When the drum needs to be repaired, in fact, is to immediately and our manufacturing plant to contact, and in fact, is to ask the professional staff to repair, so that in fact, is to avoid the emergence of a series of security incidents The

Moreover, the operation of the dyeing machine, then the drum parts can not be exchanged with other parts of the machine to use the drum, even for the same model of the machine parts can not be interchangeable, or that is directly on the Has failed.

Finally, when the operation of the dyeing machine, in fact, it should be in the “0” alignment to lock, when its lock ring and “0” assembly mark in terms of, in fact, it will be directly over the drum body The corresponding signs at 25 degrees or more, in fact, it will be directly prohibited to use; Moreover, the dyeing machine can not be in the speed and its overload to work.