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Characteristics Of Computerized Dyeing Machine

Computer dyeing machine main is used of microcomputer control of technology, it of intelligent system is is advanced of, such on for control of work provides has more of convenient sex, so it of characteristics has which does, we to see detailed of situation’s. first, in run of process in the, can while run two species different of program, can in two species mode among free of switch, such on for using provides has more of flexibility, while also improve has work of efficiency, and this equipment of function is is powerful of, Except has general dyeing machine of characteristics yiwai, while also has of flexible programming of characteristics, such on can better of completed related of work. Second, this equipment has full of protection function, so in running of when, even has fault occurred, also not effect to it of some parts of damaged, can ensure in normal of work State among, if has fault, on will sounded alarm, such staff on can to check, see is which aspects of reasons, and more important of is, if errors of judge, Wrong address, once recognized by the system, then it will not be applied, which provides greater convenience for maintenance.