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Cheese Dyeing Machine Should Have The Function

Cheese yarn dyeing is good or bad, largely depends on the main circulating pump flow selection, for the selection of the parameters, the early cheese dyeing machine is by virtue of experience to meet the minimum flow requirements to the cheese inside and outside the color difference in principle.

Due to the diversification of yarn varieties, the flow rate of different yarns is very different, so the fixed flow, brought some shortcomings. For example, the flow rate of pure cotton yarn is relatively larger than that of dyeing cotton blended yarn. To meet the flow of polyester / cotton blended yarn, cotton yarn may be inside and outside the color difference; and to meet the flow of pure cotton yarn, polyester and cotton may also be blended yarn deformation or fluffing phenomenon.

The choice of flow is also related to whether the yarn is ultimately used for knitting or weaving. Practical experience shows that the dyeing of the same yarn is used for knitting the selected flow rate compared to the flow rate for the weaving. If the flow size of the improper choice, not only the impact of the quality of dyeing, but also cause a certain amount of energy waste, it must control the flow to ensure that under any conditions (that is, the conversion of yarn, load changes), can Giving a reasonable flow to achieve the so-called simultaneous staining.

At present, the more advanced cheese dyeing machine, the main pump are used AC frequency control, through the internal and external pressure detection, the feedback signal to adjust the main pump speed, in order to achieve the flow of liquid circulation control.