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Dyeing Machine Metal Surface Does Not Have Enough Protective Film

Dyeing machine deactivation period, due to the air into the machine dew condensation, water and air of oxygen on the dyeing machine steel erosion caused by stop furnace corrosion.

First, when the following three factors exist at the same time, the shutdown furnace corrosion may occur:

1. Dyeing machine metal surface does not have enough protective film (including scale, paint or hydrophobic alkyl compounds) so that the air and water isolation.

2. During shutdown, dyeing machine pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, air intruding into the dyeing machine oxygen as the corrosion of steel oxidant.

3. Dyeing machine with water or water vapor in the air condensation in the machine to produce water droplets, become the intermediate medium of corrosion. When the water inside the machine is acidic or alkaline can constitute a separate corrosion, the water has a higher concentration of CL-, SO42-, can speed down furnace corrosion. And the natural environment of steel corrosion in water is different, in the dyeing machine, because the water is difficult to evaporate and dry, and water vapor (including air in the water vapor) can easily dew to form water droplets, so most of the corrosion is local Corrosion or oxygen concentration cell corrosion, compared with the general corrosion, more destructive.

Second, dyeing machine shutdown machine water treatment generally have two ways:

1. Let the dyeing machine water naturally cooled.

As dyeing machine water is alkaline, and has been deaerator, when the machine residual pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure, the furnace will not stop corrosion. When the natural cooling to the pressure within the machine below atmospheric pressure, the air began to implement intrusion, shutdown furnace corrosion began to occur, when the dyeing machine water with higher concentrations of CL-, SO42- ions, the corrosion intensified.

2. After the shutdown will be dyeing machine water drain.

This is the most commonly used state of our city dyeing room, due to inadequate attention to the shutdown furnace did not take an effective shutdown protection measures from the annual inspection of the dyeing machine inspection results, most of the dyeing machine in addition to the level There is iron oxide scale, the bottom of the barrel also have iron oxide scale, this part of the connection with the water pipe due to the existence of pipe joints, water is not net, easy to accumulate water, slowly evaporate and dry, water, high concentrations of chloride and sulfate Accelerate corrosion barrel.